Purna Yoga College 200-Hour Retreat

January 10 - February 8, 2018

Learn the yoga of transformation at the source:

Pondicherry, India, home of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Matrimandir, and Auroville

Take a life-changing pilgrimage to the shores of the Bay of Bengal and the spiritual home of the international Purna Yoga College.  Study Sri Aurobindo's philosophy of the evolution of consciousness, visiting his ashram to feel the energy underlying his work.  Learn the beauty of Heartfull™ Meditation, and experience the wonder of Matrimandir, a meditation temple of unique vision and power that has taken 40 years to complete (featured in the banner video above).  Aspire to live your yoga as you practice in Auroville, a city dedicated to the realization of human unity beyond creeds and politics.  And, of course, receive the thorough, detailed, and precise yogic education that is the College's hallmark.

Whether you want to start a new year with a proven framework for living a better life, to deepen your already existing practice, or to learn to teach with safety, compassion and power, this is the training for you.

Dates and Times:

The program begins at 2 pm on January 10, 2018, and concludes on February 8.  Please review the draft schedule to get an idea of the program structure.  While the schedule will change slightly as it is finalized, the fundamentals will remain the same.  You will have two 4-hour sessions each day, with one and a half days off each week.


$1000 Early Bird Discount!

All-inclusive pricing, which includes your round-trip taxi from Chennai airport to Pondicherry, onsite accommodation, three vegetarian meals a day, laundry service, excursion expenses, and tuition, is as follows, if you register and pay in full by October 31, 2017


After October 31, 2017, these prices increase by $1000.

Additional Costs:

  • Required texts as set forth below (approximately $100)
  • Incidental expenses (such as personal shopping, activities on your day off, and healing arts treatments)
  • Airline ticket to Chennai, India
  • Visa (@$75)


Quiet Healing Center, Auroville, which is located just outside of Pondicherry in southeast India.  (Map below.)

Occupying a beautiful seven acre beachfront compound approximately 5 km north of Pondicherry, Quiet Healing Center is Auroville's natural healing facility with superb views on the Indian Ocean.  Many members of the Purna Yoga community have stayed at this facility, which is known for its cleanliness, comfort, and wonderful organic food.

Classes will be held in Quiet's fully equipped yoga room.

Learn More about what you can expect! http://www.bradwaitesyoga.com/blog-five/2017/3/15/five-things-you-wont-have-to-worry-about-in-pondicherry


Getting there:

Fly to Chennai, meet your personally reserved taxi (reservation and cost included in your tuition) and journey to Quiet Healing Center.  It's about a 3 hour taxi ride.


The retreat is timed to take advantage of Pondicherry's mildest season:  after the rains of monsoon season and before the heat of summer.  Average high temperatures for January are 84F (29C)  and average lows are 71F (22C).  Ocean breezes from the Bay of Bengal (Indian Ocean) will help to keep us cool.


Includes asana and pranayama, applied philosophy, lifestyle and nutrition choices, and Heartfull™ Meditation.  Get more details about the curriculum.


Jennifer Weinert and Brad Waites.  Both Jennifer and Brad are long-time faculty members of the Purna Yoga College, and have taught the 200-hour program multiple times.  Additionally, both have visited Pondicherry, and Jennifer has led several retreats there.  Jennifer coordinates most of the Purna Yoga Retreats internationally, and considers "organizer" as part of her job description!  

Learn more about Jennifer >> and read some testimonials >>

Learn more about Brad >> and read some testimonials >>


Yoga teacher training applicants preferably have an established asana practice (at least one year of 2-3 sessions a week in alignment-based yoga) prior to beginning the program. It is more important that you have an awareness of what the poses feel like in your body than how deep you can go in a pose.  If you aren't sure you're ready for the college, let's set up a conversation to talk about it.

  • You must be 18 years of age.
  • You must have English-language competency.
  • You must have a high school diploma or the equivalent.
  • You must be able to contribute to a safe and cohesive learning environment.
  • You must demonstrate the physical, mental and emotional preparedness to fully participate in all required aspects of the program.

Application, payment and registration:

To apply, complete an Application and email it to jennifer@hiloyoga.com.  A $500 nonrefundable application fee must be submitted with your application. Convenient credit card payment may be made here-  The application fee will be applied to your tuition; it is not an additional cost.  (Note:  your application fee will be refunded if you are not accepted to the program, or if the program is canceled for any reason.)

Why the application fee?  Creating and running this program requires a huge investment of time and money.  We need your firm commitment to the program to balance ours.

We will contact you by email within three weeks of receiving your yoga teacher training application to confirm your acceptance.  Your place is guaranteed when we receive your tuition payment.

Please Click Here for Payment

To receive the early bird discount, payment must be made in full by October 31, 2017.

Required texts:

  • Teaching Purna Yoga: 200-Hour Program Manual, by Aadil Palkhivala (provided at the beginning of the training -- cost included in tuition)
  • Fire of Love, by Aadil Palkhivala
  • The Sunlit Path, by The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram
  • Trail Guide to the Body, by Andrew Biel

All books, with the exception of the manual, should be purchased before the start of the program.  Bring them with you to class.  You can find out more about the manual and texts on the Curriculum page.  Please refer to the Alive & Shine Online Store for prices and ordering information (click on the "Online Store" tab). Books may also be available from third-party vendors, such as Amazon. 


With your successful completion of the yoga teacher training program requirements (course hours, homework and tuition paid in full) you will earn the 200-Hour Course Completion Certificate from The College of Purna Yoga. This Certificate enables you to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. You will be able to say that you graduated from the College at the 200-hour level and that you teach alignment-based yoga.  Please note that you must complete at least 500 hours of training before you can state that you are a Purna Yoga teacher.  

Yoga Alliance Registered and Approved


You will read two books of yoga philosophy, and you must complete a written assignment for each that details how you will apply what you have learned to your life. You will also have anatomy worksheets to complete. Expect at least 20 hours of homework during the 200-hour course.

Other questions?  We're happy to help.

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